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Kitty Love T-shirt

Does your cat run the show? Your feline have the final word? "Kitty Love is your silent cry for help. ONLY $19.95. ORDER NOW and let others know what's really going on!

Kitty Love is the comical poetic t-shirt for cat lovers! The t-shirt displays a cat sitting in a chair, reading the newspaper, smoking a cigarette and drinking catnip. The owner returns home expressing his love poetically towards his feline friend.

The poem reads:
The purr of my kitten, so soft to my ears.
Brings joy to my heart whenever he's near.
He's always around for morning goodbyes and
welcomes me home with a pleasant surprise.

The cat's response: Spare the sentimental crap! What took you so long?

Available in white and ash with black print and design. Sizes M, L and XL. 100 % cotton. $19.95 (While supplies last!). Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Click BUY NOW and select "Kitty Love T-shirt" in shopping cart to order.

Return policy: Return item with 14 days with original postmarked envelope for full refund

***International customers please add $4.95 to cover S&H outside the U.S***

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