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"Little Sis Come Home To Me" Children's Book


"Little Sis Come Home To Me. A Lesson In Sibling Rivalry" was inspired by a publishing advertisement that was received in the mail. The advertisement provided pictures of possible story scenarios for writing books. One of the pictures, displayed an older boy with a bratty younger girl holding a fishing pole with fish attached (the boys pole had none); this became the inspiration for a children's book called "Little Sis Come Back To Me. A Lesson In Sibling Rivalry" . A great poetic story that teaches a lesson in sibling rivalry. For ages 3-8.

"Scooter hated his younger sister Margie. She bothered him when he played and followed him wherever he would go. One day Margie went off to play by herself and she did not come home. It was at that moment that Scooter realized just how much he missed his Margie Pitt."

ORDER HERE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M91HV6R

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